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Hey all! I'm Rebecca and I am the owner of Modas Emporium Nerja. I will be writing many of the blog posts for Modas Emporium Nerja as my two colleagues, Veronica and Mila have many more commitments and less free time than I do. I have no children nor relatives to care for as they do, just my partner and my beautiful boutique.

I'm English but have lived in Nerja for almost 15 years and I just love it here. I'm quite impatient, I always want everything right now and I hate having to wait for anything. I'm a little crazy I admit that but I do have a very good heart (I think hahaha). I'm a hard worker and if it wasn't for having a partner, I would most likely spend 24 hours a day in my boutique.

I love my job, my boutique is more like my second home. My clients have become my family and friends. We drink coffee, chat and enjoy talking about our lives.

I work with Veronica and Milagros and the three of us are completely different which I believe to be the reason that we work so well as a team. Vero and Mila are mainly responsible for online orders whilst I am a permanent fixture in our highstreet store .

I'll leave you for now but remember I'm always available for any question or suggestions you have.

Kisses to all.

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  • Muy amables las tres. Rebeca está muy loca, siempre bailando y cantando.


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