How to combine colours

Many of you have asked recently for advice on how to combine colours.

We all know that pairing colours can make or brake an outfit and this often stops us from trying new colours or designs that we wouldn't usually wear. We tend to stick to what we know how to wear and what we feel comfortable in. I think it's important to remember that even if we wear two items of the same colour, the shades do not have to be a perfect match and yes it's ok to add striking colours to most outfits. Oh and yes, in todays world, red and pink can be worn together. Colour does't have to mean garish. Adding colour using handbags, shoes or fashion accessories can turn the most simple of outfits into something really special. I leave you with just a few ideas but please feel free to ask me for any other colour combinations and I will get the camera out again. Have a great weekend.


  • Me encanta!

    Maria D
  • Such a fab idea to show what colours go with what! :)

    J Cohen
  • Guapisima!


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