Goodbye lockdown body - Hello body beauty!

Firstly I think we should mention that this is a real life, real people blog. As many of you, Viki and I have searched the internet on how to lose weight, get toned, eat healthily and pretty much everything involved with dieting or weight loss and all we find are size 6 ladies in skin tight leggings, beautifully toned, make up on and all doing squats with no difficulty, no pain and not a trace of sweat. There are no sexy leggings for us as we feel ridiculous in them, just a plain old pair of jogging pants and and any old t-shirt. REAL LIFE, REAL PEOPLE.

As you all know, last sunday we went to Namaste to have cavitation and vacuum therapy treatments that help to break down body fat. For these treatments to work, exercise is a must to help our bodies to expel the newly broken down fat in our urine and sweat. With a few other girlie friends we have walked around 8km each morning from Monday to Friday and rested over the weekend ready to start again tomorrow and add in a few squats here and there.

This week we have had two body treatments at Namaste.

Wednesday - Maderotherapy (Wood therapy)

Wood therapy is a deep tissue massage using wooden instruments specially designed to enable intense pressure on fibrous cellulite. It feels a little like being massaged with a rolling pin lol. This treatment doesn’t hurt but I did find that my skin was tender for the next 24 hours and I did get a few bruises on my legs which I was warned about in advance.


OMG I love/hate this treatment.

C02 is introduced into your chosen area using microneedles (mesotherapy). I chose to have the treatment on my legs and Viki on her stomach. After the microneedles an activating gel and patch are then applied and then covered with plastic to generate heat. The whole process takes more or less an hour depending on the area to be treated and helps to eliminate cellulite, stretch marks, flaccidity, varicose veins etc and can be used both pre and post liposuction.

Now……. I will be really honest and admit, the first part of this treatment is a little uncomfortable and the activating gel feels more like slime than gel but after seeing the results I am in love. I lost 1.5cm from my hips and Viki 2cm from her stomach, all in just over an hour.

This weeks measurements:

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