Goodbye lockdown body - Hello body beauty!

After two months confined by the coronavirus, doing very little sports and eating uncontrollably, our bodies (Rebecca and Viki) have changed ... for the worse

We are at a point of bodily disaster where we have more kilos, volume and cellulite than when we started in the gym just 6 months ago.

Now that the lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted we have decided that once again, we must start to exercise and take control before our weight and cellulite get beyond the point of no return!

We will be doing daily exercise, watching our food and water intake (our portion sizes are far too much and Rebecca’s water intake is zero as coffee doesn’t really count lol) and we will be treating ourselves to many of the body treatments offered at my salon.

We are doing this together so that we can support each other and obligate each other for when either of us decides we want to give up as so many of us do after just a few weeks of starting a new exercise routine.


It’s Sunday and Rebeca and I (Viki) have gone to Namaste to start preparing our bodies. As they say, every little helps!

Firstly we had a body peeling massage using a clay mud that contains salts from the Dead Sea and silk proteins. This eliminates dead cells and toxins allowing our skin to properly absorb any creams or oils that we use later helping them to be more effective.

After the peeling we had cavitation and vacuum therapy treatment. The cavitation machine is used to introduce energy in the form of ultrasounds helping to break down the FAT that is then eliminated in your urine and sweat. The vacuum therapy machine uses a suction cup that again helps to break down fatty cells but also improves lymphatic drainage.

As the gyms are still closed and look to be closed for the foreseeable future, tomorrow we will start getting back into exercise but will start off slowly by walking to the next town and back then build up to squats and other exercises as our muscles get used to working again.

If you are trying to lose weight, tone up or just get a little healthier, we will be updating this blog weekly with our progress so please feel free to join in with your own ideas or even your own progress good or bad and let’s help each other to reach our new beautiful bodies

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